At Heartland, our buyers and sellers come first. We offer extremely competitive consignment rates and put authenticity at the highest value in our business model. We buy, sell, and consign authentic Native American artifacts and collections from all over the world. We are currently putting together a very high-end sale coming in the near future. If you would like to sell some of you high-end relics, give us a call, text, or send us an email! We are open to all possibilities. 


"Competitive rates, flexible to your consignment needs."

Quarterly, High-End


What we offer our consignors:
- Competitive commission rates
- Strong attention to detail-Extreme care for your artifacts
- A market of over 8,700 interested bidders/buyers across 4 online auction platforms (Continuing to grow)
- Email, Social Media, and Search Engine Marketing for all of our auctions
- Quick listings-Excellent communication from the beginning to end of the consignment process​

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